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49ers player Colin Kaepernick

49ers player Colin Kaepernick was photographed wearing a Dolphins hat over the Fourth of July weekend. Angry fans did not think this was appropriate. Kaepernick responded via Instagram with the following post:

Kaepernick7 : "This the hat y'all mad at? I'm goin wear what I want regardless of what you think, all you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates and the 49ers! I plan on doin this until they won't let me in the building! #ridiculous#y'allmustbebored"

Hat controversies — in sports

As silly as it may sound, something as trivial as a hat can trigger a storm of controversy. A hat is just a hat, but to a diehard fan, wearing the wrong one can be a sign of disrespect. This collection of photos also reveals that hats can be politically incorrect and even break hallowed traditions. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the most memorable controversies caused by wearing the wrong headgear.