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FILE- In this July 8, 2013, file photo, Eliot Spitzer appears in New York's Union Square to collect signatures for his surprise entry into the race for New York City Comptroller. The former New York governor's surprise entry into the city comptroller's race now means there are two sex scandal-comeback stories competing for the media's attention, and the constant mention of both in the same breath has once again put Anthony Weiner back under the lens. (AP Photo/Bethan McKernan, File)

Eliot Spitzer Campaign

Eliot Spitzer does not like to shop nor does he particularly enjoy

talking about fashion. But there he was on a recent Friday afternoon

receiving a full-on fashion critique at Harlem Haberdashery, a trendy

men’s clothing boutique located in the heart of the city’s most historic

black neighborhood. (Yahoo! News)
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