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Deucy the two-faced kitten

"Deucy" the two-faced kitten

Meet Deucy, the very rare two-faced kitten who was born in Amity, Oregon. Deucy is considered a medical anomaly, but she has a healthy set of organs, including her lungs -  owner Stephanis Durkee says Deucy is a very vocal little kitty.

Deucy has been rejected by her mother, so Durkee has been feeding the kitten a warmed milk formula every two hours. Kittens born with two faces are known as "Janus" cats. Stephanie's vet says he's only aware of five Janus kittens, four of which lived well into adulthood with the oldest of the bunch living to 12 years old. Durkee hopes her Janus kitten will live a long and healthy life.