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This undated publicity image released by HBO shows former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman, right, with North Korea's Kim Jong Un at a basketball game from an episode of the documentary series "Vice." The season final episode will air on on June 14 at 11 p.m. EST on HBO. (AP Photo/Vice.com via HBO)

Dennis Rodman and North Korea

Dennis Rodman returned from North Korea on Saturday, some six months after his maiden trip to the isolated and authoritarian regime, with promises of a major announcement to come. The big news that Rodman

broke in a Monday morning press conference in New York? There'll be a

third trip to Pyongyang in his future, and he's apparently got his

sights set on a longer-term, more significant basketball-based

relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that could include a new title for the Hall of Famer and rebounding legend: "Coach."
Dan Devine