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Golf bag giveaway

Club sport. Okay wait a minute -- win a golf bag in a college basketball contest? Madness, indeed. Give up your name, phone number, and email to Golf Bag Warehouse, for your chance at an OGIO Ozone XX Stand Bag. You have until March 30.

Best March Madness deals, giveaways

Your odds of randomly landing on a perfect March Madness bracket? Rounded down, roughly 9 quintillion. Quintillion — that's one billion billions. As one betting site put it, "If every person on the planet were to fill out 10 MILLION brackets each, the odds are less than 1% that even one of them would have a perfect bracket."

Comfortingly, your odds as an informed insider drop down to 128 billion to 1. So you might as well enter your perfect bracket in as many contests as possible. For those who don't want to be bothered with nailing 63, check out these more forgiving giveaways. -- By Vera Chan, Yahoo!

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