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** FILE ** "Tilted Arc," a 12-foot-high, curving, inclined wall of rusting steel by sculptor Richard Serra, awaits removal March 11, 1989, at Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan, New York. Controversy over the sculpture evoked warnings of censorship and art destruction from New York's art community while removal drew applause from many who considered the wall an eyesore. Serra is planning an almost similar scuplture at the California Institute of Technology campus in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Mario Cabrera)

A gallery of controversial public art

By Claudine Zap

When art moves outdoors, it becomes open to public scrutiny and debate. Many new works, such as public memorial designs or artworks placed or proposed in a community, have caused controversies. Sometimes, the outrage fades with time. Here, some of the most well known controversies to swirl around public artwork.