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You may remember that MLB stars of the time Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and Pedro Guerrero appeared in "Rookie of the Year," but did you know that Daniel Stern actually pitched to them? Because they were whiffing at Henry's fastballs, they had to swing and miss. "I'm a professional," Stern said, "but at the same time I'm not going to waste an opportunity for a personal triumph."

10 things you didn’t know about 'Rookie of the Year'

July 2, 2013

Henry Rowengartner lived a child's dream. Because of a surgery gone awry, he was able to pitch at speeds upward of 100 mph at age 12. He got signed by the Chicago Cubs and took baseball by storm, eventually helping the Cubs win a World Series. If you didn't know this wasn't a true story, that very last part is the clincher. That's the plot of "Rookie of the Year," the 1993 film starring Thomas Ian Nicholas as Henry Rowengartner and Gary Busey, Daniel Stern, John Candy, Amy Morton and Albert Hall in supporting roles. "Rookie of the Year" turns 20 years old on July 7. In honor of its anniversary, here are 10 things you might know about the film and its stars. — Mike Oz, Big League Stew

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