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Ole Miss and Tennessee are set to square off in Knoxville, Tenn., for the Southeastern Conference opener for both schools. Volquest.com's Grant Ramey is covering the game for us tonight in Knoxville. We at RebelGrove.com will return the favor on Jan. 24 when the Volunteers play in Oxford.

LaDarius White, Marshall Henderson, Jarvis Summers, Reginald Buckner and Aaron Jones start for Ole Miss. No Murphy Holloway, no Nick Williams in the starting lineup. Interesting. (Note: We've since learned that Holloway has been sick lately, too sick to practice earlier this week. It's an Andy Kennedy rule: No practice, no start. However, Holloway didn't sit long; he entered the game two minutes in.)

Ole Miss is known for daytime fireworks. Tennessee, it appears, should be known for indoor fireworks. The announcers are blaming those fireworks for the first-possession slippage by Summers and UT's Trae Golden.

The good news for Ole Miss early: The Rebels are getting plenty of good looks close to the basket. The bad news for the Rebels: Ole Miss is missing bunnies and converting just half of its attempts from the free throw line. Ole Miss leads, 14-10, early, but this has all the signs of a last-minute nail-biter.

Allow me to vent: My ESPN3.com connection sucks. The game is blacked out locally on ESPN Full Court and is not on any local television affiliate. Dear SEC: You're bigger than this. The solution is simple; tell every affiliate if they want to televise football on the weekends in the fall, they'll televise basketball during the season. Period. The End.

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