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October 22, 2012

Report Card

Offense Grade Comments
Quarterbacks A It is hard to knock the play thus far, but interceptions at Arizona and Texas hurt.
Offensive Line A+ Cannot do much more.  Top ten in rushing, and ranked 1st in big 12 in sacks allowed.
Running Backs A- Very impressive. But one important game changing fumble at Arizona led to an A-.
Wide Receivers B- Some dropped balls early and failure to have a true deep threat still leaves questions. Injuries have affected the output. Blake Jackson needs to step up.
Coaching A- Would be an A+ but the lack of clock management and the called run on 3 and 7 vs. Texas earned them an A-. Hard to argue with what they have done with the QB's.
Cornerbacks C- Have left WR running wide open at times. Failed to make plays on jump balls. A back up DE has more interceptions than starting CB's. Brown has more sacks than interceptions.
Safeties C Good tacklers. Have failed to consistently line up properly . Showing improvement, but need more big hits and turnovers.
Linebackers B Average, need to see more turnovers and tackles for losses. Done well stopping the run, but have not gotten to the QB.
Defensive Line B+ Played well on the interior line, been good at stopping the rush. Need to see more sacks and QB pressure. Defensive ends need to make more plays.
Coaching B Minus two games coaching has been good. The inability to get the secondary lined up has been evident. Third down calls have been suspect, and the blitz packages have not been fantastic. Still need more turnovers.
Special Teams
Punting/Kickoffs A- Sharp has been as expected, fantastic. The kick return against Texas is the only flaw, but still 2nd in the nation in net punting yards.
Punt Return B+ Average  10 yards a return. Sixth in conference, but have had no turnovers. Not as important with an  explosive offensive.
Kick Return B Based on potential, have yet to really impress. Ranked 25th nationally and 4th in the Big 12. Still has the potential to break one big.
Field Goal C+ Sharp is been excellent elsewhere. But he is only hitting 66% of his FG's. Would like to see some improvement on his long range accuracy.
Coaching B+ The Texas Kick Return was game changing. The team was prepared to stop a fake kick at Kansas, but still would like to see more block attempts.
Conduct B Not many major off the field issues since the season started. Penalties in the Arizona game hurt , but has improved.

Offensive MVP: J.W. Walsh (He is limited to what he can do physically, but could not have asked more from him. He is a true competitor.)

Defensive MVP: Shaun Lewis (Leads the team in sacks and tackles for losses)

Offensive New-comer: Josh Stewart

Defensive New-comer: Calvin Barnett

There are several areas of improvement that need to be made, but overall the team is still in line to win the league. If Lunt can comeback as strong as he left, and if the defense can gain some momentum the team will able to get rolling. Expect to see the team take off and meet the expectations fans set at the beginning of the year.

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