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It was fun watching the Clint Chelf "choo-choo" meme sweep the orange interwebs last week.  I don't really understand it (shaking head, "eso si que es"), but as a career backup myself, I wholeheartedly approve of Chelf's lionization and sincerely hope his play warrants Chuck Norris comparisons by the season's end.

Which got me to thinking about another bigger-than-life cowboy named Clint; a Chuck Norris doppelgänger in a ten-gallon hat who never took prisoners and who once conducted a train through a bar just to see what it felt like:

Were this scene ever to be recast, (and really, this is a request) Chelf could play himself and Holgerson could be cast as the man drinking at the bar (along with the Mountaineer and maybe Joe DeForest) as the #CCCMFC train ruins his day.  Anyone have @LSUFreek on speed dial?

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