Ottawa Senators

5th Atlantic | 0-0
  • Goals For
    230 GF
  • Goals Against
    241 GA
  • Power Play %
    15.8 PP%
  • Penalty Kill %
    75.8 PK%
  • Penalty Mins
    892 PIM
  • NBC Sports4 hours ago

    Flyers need Schenn to build on career year

    The Philadelphia Flyers are hoping Brayden Schenn hasn’t finished improving. “I think sometimes when you draft a player top five you tend to think he’s going to develop a little quicker than other guys,” Flyers GM Ron Hextall said Monday, per Flyzette. The Flyers have already committed long-term to forwards Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek, and Sean Couturier.

  • What If All Teams Had To Keep Their Drafted Players?
    Silver Seven

    What If All Teams Had To Keep Their Drafted Players?

    Let's imagine a different hockey world. A world in which trades, free agency, buyouts, and waivers do not exist. In this NHL, once a player is drafted by a certain team, he stays with them for the entirety of his career (unless he leaves the league). For simplicity's sake, there is no such thing as a college free agent signing either. I saw this concept in the winter on an MLB blog, and the results will always be quite interesting, no matter what sport it is. There are some teams like the San Jose Sharks that have relied on very good trades that got them Joe Thornton, Brent Burns, and Martin Jones, and other teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins who were lucky enough to get Sidney Crosby, Evgeni