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Nearly a year ago, Craig Ramsay was named the head coach of the Atlanta Thrashers. His time with the team may soon be up.

The team's new owners, True North Sports and Entertainment are moving the team to Winnipeg and TSN reports that Ramsay got a call Sunday to tell him that True North will be interviewing other candidates for the job, but will also give Ramsay a chance to keep the position as well.

The 60-year-old Ramsay played in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres from 1971-1985. He's had three different short stints as head coach. In 1986-87, he took the helm of the Sabres for 21 painful games. The team went 4-15-2. In 2000-01, Ramsay was the head coach for 28 games, amassing a more respectable 12-12-4 record. And then this past year, he led the Thrashers to a 34-36 record with 12 overtime losses.

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Source: TSN

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