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The Pittsburgh Penguins have a lot of free agents to deal with this summer, but the team's No. 1 priority is signing defenseman Sergei Gonchar(notes) to a deal, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

It's not clear if a deal will be able to be reached, however, since the word is that Gonchar wants a three-year deal and he seemingly is uninterested in giving the team any kind of hometown discount. According to the paper, most of the team's players that are signed long-term have offered some type of discount. Gonchar has not made his intentions clear on that issue and is supposedly looking to make $5 million a season.

The Tribune-Review notes that one other player wanted to stay but didn't take a discount in recent years: Ryan Malone(notes). He was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning two summers ago.

Looks like this could be sayonara, Sergei.

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Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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