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Defenseman Chris Campoli(notes) started the offseason as a restricted free agent. Now, suddenly, thanks to the Chicago Blackhawks, Campoli is an unrestricted free agent, free to sign wherever he wants. He may have sealed his fate in the Windy City back in the overtime of the seventh game of the first round of this year's playoffs when he inadvertently gave the puck away to the Vancouver Canucks, which led to the series-winning goal by Alex Burrows. Oops.

Or maybe it was just that he wanted too much money for his next deal. The Globe and Mail reports that the team has "walked away" from the 27-year-old defenseman "before his arbitration hearing was originally scheduled to take place on Aug. 3."

"The decision was made to move the date up to today because Chicago likes Chris and didn't want him to be in a position where he was suddenly an unrestricted free agent in August," Campoli's agent Rich Evans said, the paper reports. "As long as the NHL and the Players' Association were in agreement, and the player and his agent and the team were in agreement, there was nothing holding us up from doing this and moving the date."

According to Evans, "multiple teams" have asked about Campoli, the paper notes.

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Source: Globe and Mail

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