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How in the world is the NHL going to deal with the rampant problem of goaltender interference that is threatening to become the focal point of the entire post-season? With more goalie-running featured in Sunday's games, it's quite clear that referees may be making calls from time to time, but teams have clearly decided it's worth banging into the goalie three times if they'll only be called for it twice.

Friday night's victory by Anaheim was a classic case. Faced with a red-hot Marty Turco in the Dallas net, the Ducks sought to physically knock Turco off his game, with Corey Perry running him over in the first period and viciously slashing at him in the second. Both times, Perry received penalties, but quite clearly the Ducks, who ran over multiple goalies on their way to the Stanley Cup last year, were willing to accept those minors for the obvious toll they potentially might have on Turco and they won Game 5.

In the Rangers-Devils series, so disgusted was New Jersey star Martin Brodeur with the antics of Rangers forward Sean Avery that he refused to shake Avery's hand when it was over. Avery's idiotic screening attempts in the series, which forced the NHL to issue a clarification of its rules, pushed the goalie interference issue to a new extreme. But, in the end, the Rangers won. This, quite clearly, is all the result of the NHL's desire not to have to tinker with its game to produce more scoring, but rather to simply make it more difficult for goalies to do their jobs.

Source: Toronto Star

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