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The Phoenix Coyotes have been trying to figure out their financial mess for some time now and there's been lots of talk about how the team could move to Winnipeg, but the mayor of that fine city doesn't see it happening, according to TSN.ca.

"Do I believe the Coyotes are coming to Winnipeg -- my answer would be no," Mayor Sam Katz said, according to the site. "I don't believe that. I believe the Coyotes will stay in Phoenix and they will do everything they can, because I happen to know some of the commitments that were made when they went there. And there were commitments that -- if they were not fulfilled -- there could easily be a lawsuit. So I think you have to start looking at some of the other potential franchises."

However, sources to TSN think another NHL team could be moved to Katz's fair city: the Atlanta Thrashers. The sources tell the site that "Atlanta is waiting for the league to determine the fate of the Coyotes" and if that team can find a way to stay where it is, "there's a chance the Thrashers will move quickly into negotiations" to head to Winnipeg.

So Dustin Byfuglien(notes) could be wearing a Winnipeg jersey before you know it.

Wonder what this would mean for the current Winnipeg Thrashers, the reigning champs of the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League.

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Source: TSN.ca

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