Sabres D Paetsch absorbs hard hit

PITTSBURGH (Ticker) - Buffalo Sabres defenseman Nathan Paetsch was knocked unconscious after taking an elbow from Georges Laraque of the Pittsburgh Penguins during the second period of Wednesday’s game.

Laraque appeared to brush his elbow across Paetsch’s chin as he skated past, sending the defenseman face first to the ice.

Paetsch lay motionless for a few minutes and a stretcher was brought onto the ice. However, he managed to get to his feet and skated off the ice. He did not return

After the game, a livid Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said Paetsch suffered a concussion and could be sideline for a while.

Laraque received a five-minute penalty for elbowing and a 10-minute game misconduct for the incident.

Ruff called for Laraque to be suspended.

“If you take an elbow to the chin and you’re out cold, how is that not suspendable?” Ruff said. “Someone would have to explain to me how it’s not. It’s a tough one, but he went after him and he got him right on the button and he knocked him out cold. I think that’s an easy suspension.

“I don’t how long or whether it was deliberate on his part, but everybody saw it. I don’t think the video lies on that one.”

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Updated Wednesday, Mar 12, 2008