Top five hockey skates for kids

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Kids get into playing ice hockey at a very young age. When it comes to the top five hockey skates for kids, each skate needs to have the features that small and developing feet need. Parents would like to get skates that are going to last but are not too expensive because young hockey players need new skates almost every year. So to help parents, and to make sure kids get the right skates for their developing bodies, it is a good idea to use the list of top five hockey skates for kids when you set out to go equipment shopping.

5) Tour TR 440

One of the most important features of a youth hockey skate is a high-top boot to protect and support the ankle. The Tour TR 440 skate offers that high boot protection, and it is also a flexible skate to allow for foot growth and comfort.

From the sole of the foot to just past the ankle is a durable synthetic shell that offers maximum protection of the entire foot. The toe is also made of a very hard synthetic material that will make sure your little pro does not break any toes.

You can get the Tour TR 440 youth skate at any sporting goods or hockey retail store near you. You can also get it online from any online hockey retailer that sells Tour. As of 2010, the retail price for the TR 440 is $64.99 per pair.

4) Bauer Supreme ONE60

The advantage that Bauer has is that it has been making ice skates for a long time. A lot of experience and product development goes into a pair of Bauer skates, and that means added protection and comfort for your youth hockey player.

The heel and toe of the Supreme ONE60 is hard synthetic material lined with the special Bauer Trueform padding. The boot itself is a flexible synthetic material that allows comfort but also protection. The tongue of the boot is in two pieces to allow it form to the top of the foot, and allow the child's foot to grow and develop.

The Supreme ONE60 is available at any hockey or sporting goods retail store, or online from any hockey retailer that sells Bauer. As of 2010, the retail cost of the Supreme ONE60 is $99.99.

3) Mission Fuel JA Jr.

Mission's Fuel line of adult skates offers some of the best protection and comfort on the market. The Fuel JA Jr. line of youth skates brings that technology to youth hockey players as well.

The heel and ankle design on the Fuel JA Jr. lift and move the foot to make sure it is properly aligned inside the skate. The entire inside of the skate is padded, and the high cut boot offers ankle support as well as protection.

Mission Fuel JA Jr. skates are available at hockey retail stores, or online from any hockey retailer that sells Mission. As of 2010, the Fuel JA Jr. retails for $84.99.

2)Bauer Vapor X:20

The best feature that the Vapor X:20 has to offer is that it is made up of durable sections that come together to form one solid hockey skate. The section design makes it easier to cut and move in this skate, and it also offers more protection when the foot is flexed and the player is moving.

Bauer put their Trueform padding inside the Vapor X:20 to allow for maximum comfort. The heel and toe are made of a hard synthetic material that brings the foot into alignment making skating easier.

The Bauer Vapor X:20 can be purchased at any hockey or sporting goods retail store, or online from any hockey retailer that sells Bauer. As of 2010, the Vapor X:20 retailed for $104.99.

1) Bauer Supreme ONE100

For decades the top name in youth hockey skates as been the Bauer Supreme line of skates. The ONE100 line continues that tradition by being one of the top five hockey skates for kids available.

The sole of the boot has a stabilizer material in it that helps keep the foot in place, even during the most intense game action. The outer shell is a texalium composite material that is the most durable hockey skate shell material available. The thick padding inside the boot offers protection and comfort.

The Supreme ONE100 is available at any hockey or sporting goods retail store, or online from any hockey retailer that sells Bauer. As of 2010, the ONE100 had a retail price of $519.99.

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Updated Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010