Facing Off with Buffalo Sabres C Daniel Briere

BUFFALO, New York (Ticker) - SportsTicker recently obstructed Buffalo Sabres center Daniel Briere and held him long enough to ask the following questions:

1) Which city do you look forward to visiting during a road trip?

Montreal, growing up as a big fan of the Canadiens. There’s electricity in the air when you play there. It’s something special, especially Saturday, when it’s “Hockey Night in Canada.”

2) While playing a round of golf, what three famous people would you want to complete your foursome?

Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Three guys that have done a lot for their own sports, just to have a chance to talk about their preparation and the mental side of their sports.

3) On which reality show would you like to participate?

The show I’d like to be on shows people playing for the Stanley Cup. I’d like to be on that show, playing in the Finals.

4) Who would portray you in a movie about your life?

The guy (Sean Astin) who played “Rudy,” always growing up being one of the smallest guys, not having too many people believe you’re strong enough, big enough to make it to the next level. Somebody like that.

5) What is your favorite non-hockey sports team?

It used to be the Montreal Expos. Now I follow the ex-Expos, Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez. There’s two teams I like in football - the Colts and the Bills.

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Updated Wednesday, Oct 5, 2005