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In a recent Montreal Hockey League game in Boisbriand, Québec, two players jostled in front of the goalie and then continued their skirmish after the whistle.

Suddenly, our friend in the white jersey raised his lumber above his head like Conan the Barbarian and ended the conversation with a two-handed downward slash on No. 69 in red; a hack that appeared to snap his stick in half on the other guy's noggin. It's at the 30-second mark of this video:

Yikes. Gotta say we haven't seen anything like that before. Especially since Chris Simon left to become a KHL All-Star ...

The March 25 incident took place at an arena operated by former NHL journeyman Joel Bouchard. From reader Michel Moquin, who sent over the video: "This stupid gesture happened in Boisbriand, Québec last week. It has been circulating on the web since [Tuesday] morning. It's on every news telecasts here."

JT Utah, who featured the clip on 25Stanley.com, a player on the red team said that No. 69 is 6-4 and 220 pounds. 24 Hours Montreal reports that there has been a report filed with local police regarding the incident.

On the one hand, is another example of the disgusting violence that plagues our game at every level. On the other, it's perhaps the greatest public service message for effective hockey helmets we've ever seen.

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