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People react to hurricanes in a variety of ways. Some buy water; others buy beer, which is like water only with more of a calming influence in a catastrophe. Some hit the road, others stay in town to weather the storm. And still others choose to play street hockey in the middle of Times Square, even as portions of New York City have been evacuated.

So just to be clear, the anchors on WIVB don't recommend street hockey during a Category 1 hurricane. As if that's going to stop these folks -- the ones playing hockey … and using Times Square as a slip 'n slide. (And who doesn't love Spanish narration?)

Or these folks, in front of the Marriott Marquis:

CANADIANS! We had our suspicions. And really, is there any other kind of street hockey in a Category 1 hurricane other than topless street hockey?

We're guessing this was filmed before the inevitable run-in with a homeless guy asking for $20 in exchange for one period as a goalie.

s/t to Kukla for the hurricane hockey find.

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