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At the Calgary Flames on Tuesday night, Jordin Tootoo(notes) of the Nashville Predators was the between-periods interview on Fox Sports Tennessee. Just as announcer Terry Crisp was talking about Tootoo taking a high stick from Flames defenseman Scott Hannan(notes), the damage from that play manifested itself — a stream of blood dripped from Tootoo's nose, ending the interview awkwardly and abruptly.

Obviously not something for the squeamish, but also something we've never seen before.

Ah, live television. Both Tootoo and Crisp handled that like pros. Tootoo started the second period with a wad of cotton in his nostril.

In full disclosure, I'm a guy who gets a bit of ye olde dry nose in the winter. What happened to Tootoo has been a back-of-the-head nightmare scenario for me during live television appearances. That brief, panicked look Tootoo gave when he realized the faucet was open? Shivers.

UPDATE: Josh Cooper of The Tennessean got a few words from Tootoo about this odd moment.

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