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There were 111 saves made by five different goaltenders in the NHL on Monday night. Jonathan Quick(notes) of the Los Angeles Kings made 27 of them in a shootout win against the Calgary Flames. One of them seems to have defied the laws of physics and the logic of hockey:

(For a slightly clearer YouTube clip, head here.)

Mike Hayes brought this highlight to the forefront Wednesday on Buzzfeed, and it's really a heck of a thing. In the first period and on a power play, Jarome Iginla(notes) blasts the puck from the left side. Quick makes the save, but it trickles through and appears headed towards the goal line … before suddenly making a right turn and leaving the crease.

Kings coach Terry Murray even referenced it in the postgame: "In the first period, I know (Jarome) Iginla had a one-timer that was as good a save that maybe I've seen all year long."

Back, and to the right. Back, and to the right. Back, and to the right. That is one magic loogie.

So what was it? An optical illusion? Check out the 38-second mark of the official game highlights that seems to indicate the puck may have gone off of Quick's stick, but it's not clear:

Weird spin on the puck? Rut in the ice? The ghost of Kadeem Hardison helping the Kings win the Cup as the Sixth Man on the penalty kill?

No, really, there's only one good explanation, which is that Jonathan Quick is a telepath who can control things with his mind. Please, give this man the Vezina Trophy before he makes your brain pop like in "Scanners."

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