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These really have to be our two favorite videos of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as Chloe Johns of Yaletown places a camera on the balcony and records the sounds of the city after the Vancouver Canucks' Ryan Kesler(notes) tied Game 5 of the Western Conference finals with 14 seconds left …


… and then captures this reaction from the city when Kevin Bieska scored in double OT to eliminate the San Jose Sharks:

We had to listen to them a couple of times because it almost sounded like the same audio placed on different images; but what we're actually hearing are the same fans' delirious reactions (shrieking, banging on walls) to the goals.

Amazing stuff. The stone-cold silence of sitting-on-your-hands nerves, followed by the cathartic jubilation. The evening video really provides a sense of scope as far as how widespread the celebrations were. Vancouver fans: Based on these videos, we want video cameras set to record on every balcony in the city should the Canucks win the Cup. It'll be like a YouTube symphony.

Like we said, two of our favorite videos from the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. But as The Green Men noted in Game 5, not our two favorite things from the playoffs. Humminahumminahummina ...

s/t to Casey Kelley and Stephen Meserve (Hundred Degree Hockey) for the videos; and Dylan Nicholson for the image.

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