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The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendiumFact: Maroon 5's hit song "Moves Like Jagger" was co-written by the same person who co-wrote Ke$ha's "TiK-ToK"; has anyone alerted the Vatican of this Devil incarnate's presence on Earth and his apparent plan to infect humanity with repetitive choruses and lyrical references to Mick Jagger?

Also a fact: The name "Jagger" is two letters away from "Jagr", as in Philadelphia Flyers star Jaromir Jagr(notes). You may have noticed this from "Moves Like Jagr" NHL.com headlines, or perhaps you already own the unofficial "Moves Like Jagr" commemorative T-shirt.

Or, perhaps, you've made the mistake of entering that phrase into a search window on YouTube and discovered the ever-growing number of "Moves Like Jagr" song parodies and tributes that are multiplying like horny Tribbles. Would you like to see some? Sure you would.

NOTE: Due to rights issues with the Maroon 5 song, some videos will open in a new window.

And here … we … go.

The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendium

The first known "Moves Like Jagr" video, via Crackers Commentary back in August. A truly terrible production that does nothing to alter the song and was filmed with a hand-cam off a laptop screen. Also spells his name "Jomoir Jagr" in the description. Archeologists will note how fast evolution was from here to  ...

... here. This is the true godfather of "Moves Like Jagr" parodies from Chris Goodwin. From "got my mullet blowing in the breeze" to the trade to Washington for "three no-name saps," an instant classic of the genre. And that falsetto!

The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendium

Better highlights, but again, Dirty Dangle's version doesn't do anything to the original song except condense it into a 1-minute clip. Which, in hindsight, is rather admirable and kind.

The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendium

Young Jagr with the Pittsburgh Penguins! Goofy bike-riding, bubble tape eating Jagr! Post-goal saluting Jagr! Again, no variation on the song, but the highlights are Jagr-tastic. Via Skizzhabs.

'HockeyPrincess882' goes with the photo presentation and a echo-y version of the original song. We're a sucker for fonts. It's fun.

The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendium

Real talk: Any video that opens with a Microsoft Paint-like title card gets a pass.

Do you understand how much better "Green Lantern" would have been with a Microsoft Paint title card? Like, a lot.

Nice work from 'HockeyIsMyLife087'. Although what was with the Minnesota Wild celebration cameo at the end? Surely they don't also have the Moves Like Jagr? (They had the Moves Like Johnsson for a while, however.)

The ‘Moves Like Jagr’ video tribute, parody compendium

Finally, the latest edition, and a very good one. (Even if the song parody is just uttering "Jagr" for every "Jagger.") Good clips, bouncing Jagr heads on famous dancing people, and the Santa Jagr clip. Kudos to Max Duchaine, creator of this video. (Thanks to Jon B. for the link, via Russian Machine Never Breaks.)

We look forward to the first "Moves Like Jagr" clip that actually features him scoring a regular-season goal for the Philadelphia Flyers. Hopefully we see such a thing before Thanksgiving. (Looks at fantasy roster, realizes we don't yet have the Moves Like Jagr.)

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