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There have been, like, a billion songs written about the Vancouver Canucks this postseason. We wish this was an understatement. At this point everyone in the city has appeared in one of these videos. Twice.

As Game 2 against the San Jose Sharks looms on Tuesday night, we wanted to provide a little musical accompaniment. Frankly, we're in awe of the quality and the quantity of these tunes — some of which you've heard before and others that we haven't featured.

Mostly, we're in awe of the guy who turned Canucks players into English Premiership sing songs.

This is going to be a Wiz Khalifa Free list, because those parodies are (a) numerous and (b) played out.

But a Katy Perry "California Gurls" parody called "Swedish Boys" in tribute to Daniel and Henrik Sedin(notes)? That's the new [expletive]:

This one we've featured before, but it's a heck of an effort from Grand Daddy P., and not just because it features white towels and Green Men:

Here's a funky acoustic anthem from David Blair that's one Jermaine away from being a "Flight of the Conchords" video. Let it never be said that busty eye candy is a bad thing for a music video:

As we mentioned earlier, Canucks fan and Puck Daddy reader Jason Del Vicario has been using Facebook to help create mashups of English Premiership sing songs to Canucks lyrics. What the hell does that mean? Take a listen to the Sami Salo(notes) song, and the Galifianakish delivery of the lyrics:

And please, fellas, you can love Alex Burrows … just not this much. Unless that's what you're into.

The Canucks polka song. And a one and a two …

Our old buddies K-Maxx & Shelly-D battle puberty and the playoffs:

One of the most popular tunes: Kyprios' anthem for the 2011 Vancouver Canucks playoff run! Co-written with Rob the Viking and Kevin Coles, as every song should be:

Finally, this is a song we featured the other day, but now there's an accompanying video that's … like … we don't have the words. Ladies and gents, Ivan Hrvatska believes the Canucks will make love to the Stanley Cup.

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