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For anyone who's consumed a pint of ice cream in a bout of postseason depression, Ben & Jerry's is catering to your unique crutch: Caramel Hat Trick, a hockey-inspired flavor combination that's going to be revealed on Thursday at a press conference in Toronto (along with some sort of charity initiative).

In attendance for this occasion: Jason Spezza(notes) of the Ottawa Senators; Steven Stamkos(notes) of the Tampa Bay Lightning; John Tavares(notes) of the New York Islanders; and Luke Schenn(notes) of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Because really, what's less humbling than being available for an ice cream press conference during the Stanley Cup Finals? Other than being available for the IIHF world championships, of course.

The presence of these NHLers got our stomachs thinking here at Puck Daddy: What if Ben & Jerry's developed player- or team-specific ice cream concoctions for the NHL? Like, for example:

Rick DiPietro(notes) 15-Scoop Party Sundae: Actually only nine scoops when served to you, and four of them are half-melted.

Seen Stamkos? Strawberry: Rather disappointing first bite, but the second one is worth at least 50.

Phoenix Coyotes Crunch: The ice cream you keep paying for well after its expiration date.

Brian Gionta(notes) Non-French Vanilla: Serving size — a thimble.

Roberto Luongo(notes) Chocolate Surprise: The most expensive ice cream on the menu; after you pay for it, you're actually given a scoop of spoiled vanilla.

Sean Avery(notes) Batter: Ice cream that's been eaten and then spit back into the container, sloppily.

Don Cherry: Every flavor of ice cream known to man mixed together in one colorful mess — but ultimately stale.

Any flavors you can think of? List them in the comments or Tweet them with a #NHLicecream tag and we'll add them to the post later. (UPDATE: Check out the Twitter fun here.) It's the day after Memorial Day weekend; you need something to prevent you from working right?

Thanks to Dobber for the Lou and DiPi jokes.

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