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On Friday, we opened the polls to determine the winner of the Sidney Crosby Golden Roar Art Contest, inspired by Sid the Kid's iconic Olympic moment after scoring the game-winning overtime goal to win the gold medal over the U.S.

There were 12 fantastic finalists and close to 5,600 votes cast when the voting was officially closed on Sunday night. On the right is your champion, and a worthy one at that: Scott T.'s "Crosby Taunts Ovechkin" with an impressive 25 percent of the vote.

Second Place: B.D. Gallof's "When Gary Met Sidney," which recreated the diner scene from "When Harry Met Sally" in truly disturbing detail. It garnered 16 percent of the vote.

Third Place, in the best race of the vote: "Sidney Crosby, Norwegian Curler" by Rod F., which edged Kyle L.'s "Crosby & The Team Canada Women" by a 1 percent margin, 13 percent to 12 percent.

The final tallies for the Golden Roar championship round:

1. Crosby taunts Ovechkin (Scott T) - 25%
2. When Gary Met Sidney (BD) - 16%
3. Curling Pants (Rod F) - 13%
Crosby & Women's Team (Kyle L) - 12%
The Karate Sid (Scotty Hockey) - 9%
Tetherball Crosby (Michael A) - 8%
No Diving (Adam S) - 5%
Bob Ross Crosby (Jason J) - 3%
The Sid Scream (Travis H) - 3%
Olympic Logo Sidney (LW3H) - 2%
Crosby in 300 (Marc H) - 2%
Rampage Crosby (Josh E) - 1%

We'll contact the winners, and Scott has his choice of which fabulous prizes will slip down to the other placers (New Strat-o-Matic hockey game; Two VIKINGSTAD! T-shirts from our friends at Pucking Hilarious; either "Hockey Dad" by TSN's Bob McKenzie; "Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer" by Bruce Boudreau and Tim Leone; or "Slap Shot Original" by Dave Hanson.).

Thanks again to everyone who participated and the supported this contest. The full gallery is up for your time-wasting enjoyment.

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