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We take back everything we said about the Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin hybrid "Malsby" jersey earlier this week. "How indecisive do you have to be to combine two players on the same jersey?" Not nearly as indecisive as combining two rival teams on the same sweater.

Puck Daddy reader Jeremy sends in this photo of someone he calls "his brother," which means he hasn't been disowned yet. This might be a simple commemoration of the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs, considering his sibling is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan rather than a Detroit Red Wings fan. If that's the case, this jersey better have been ripped in half like a voided check the minute Hossa signed. 

I've seen a jersey like this roaming the concourse of a Devils home game before, only the other half of the sweater was dedicated to the Rangers. It's the dreaded, "I root for both teams" defense.

Ugh. No self-respecting hockey fan "roots for both teams," especially if they're rivals.

There are a few very specific conditions by which you can "root for both teams." Family history with a particular franchise. Relocation to another NHL city, either the team or the fan; I know a guy who cheers for the Capitals every home game except for when they're playing "his Boston Bruins." While it's a stretch, even rooting for the team your favorite player was traded to might still fall under this haphazard fairness doctrine. Unless you're a Devils fan and your favorite player was Scotty Gomez, for example.

The logo on the front of this "Detroit Pen Wings" jersey is the only ingenious part. It looks like a hockey Penguin version of the Roman god Mercury; or a flightless fowl in a supersonic wheelchair. This logo combo thing could be fairly entertaining; I eagerly look forward to the Calgary/Florida jersey hybrid in which a menacing Panther is being consumed by a flaming macaroni noodle.

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