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Actress, singer, Stuff magazine pin-up and "Dancing with the Stars" veteran Willa Ford is also known as Mrs. Mike Modano. She's been candid in the past about her husband's career with the Dallas Stars, and she's blogging about the Stars in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for NHL.com. In breaking down their series against the Sharks, Ford offered an interesting assessment of the fans in San Jose:

The San Jose arena is one of the loudest and most violent crowds that I've ever seen in person. It worries me, but for some reason Mike loves it. He said he hopes they boo him, he hopes they give it to his goaltender and his team and his teammates because it drives him; he's pretty excited about San Jose, and he thinks the games are going to be a lot of fun to play in.

Her NHL.com audience immediately took issue with her characterization of the Shark Tank -- one of the "loudest and most violent crowds" she had ever seen in person -- right from the first comment:

Your claim that Sharks fans are violent is just untrue and false. I am sure that you have never seen anything violent or had anything violent happen to you there.

I have had beer thrown on me at AAC. Those type of shenanigans would NEVER fly at the Shark Tank. Congratulations Willa, you did a good job stirring the pot with your comments.

If Willa wanted to chum the waters, mission accomplished: The Sharks fans are circling over at The Feeder.

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