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That the Philadelphia Flyers would ask Simon Gagne(notes) to waive his no-trade clause isn't a surprise: He takes up $5.25 million in cap space, goes unrestricted next summer and has some value in the marketplace 

That Gagne would agree to waive it is a little surprising, given the fact that so many NHL players are willing to wield the NTC like a hammer when they're in a good situation, as Gagne was in Philly. Yet here we are, with the Los Angeles Kings very much in the mix to acquire Gagne. (Lord knows the Flyers have shipped a player or three West before.)

So if and when Gagne's traded, what are the Flyers planning to do with the cap space?

Anthony J. SanFilippo believes it's to "sign restricted free agents Darroll Powe(notes) and Dan Carcillo and to sign another, higher-priced goalie."

That goalie, according to several sources in Philly, is former Dallas Stars keeper Marty Turco(notes). Which wouldn't necessarily be our top option for a goaltending option, but who are we to lecture a franchise that changes goalies like the Devils change coaches?

CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio has a great look at the Flyers' team-building philosophy this summer:

Almost 40 percent of the Flyers' cap money is going to their defense which totals $23.49 million for seven players. Of that total their starting six - Kimmo Timonen(notes) ($6.3 million), Chris Pronger(notes) ($4.9), Matt Carle(notes) ($3.4), Braydon Coburn(notes) ($3.2), Andrej Meszaros(notes) ($4.0) and Sean O'Donnell(notes) ($1.3) - account for $22.9 million.

Holmgren has compiled one of the most expensive - and best - defenses in hockey. For two years now, the Flyers have looked to build a defense that can minimize the number of quality chances the opposition gets, thereby lessening the number of quality saves their goalies have to make.
Within their own cap, however, the Flyers have allotted just $2.475 million for their most important position: goaltending. Their investment of dollars represents 4.1 percent of the team's entire budget.

Panaccio has a nice look at the rest of the conference's goalie allotments, and where the Flyers' rank. The defense is much deeper than last year's, which helped carry the Flyers to the Cup Finals. What will they look like between the pipes next season?

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