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The Pensblog did some number-crunching on Alexander Ovechkin's Hart Trophy victory last night. There were 134 first-place votes cast for the Hart, which means there were 134 voters from the Professional Hockey Writers' Association (PHWA). Ovechkin's final tally for first-through-fifth-place votes: 128-4-1-0-0. Using every available finger and toe, the boys come up with 133 votes. "One proud member of the PHWA left him off their ballot altogether," write the Malkin fanboys, "and he's a better man because of it."

Sports journalists have been known to make odd, political decisions with their votes. We live in a world where Dante Bichette received three votes for the Baseball Hall of Fame. So we ask out of intense curiosity: Who is the hockey writer that left Alexander Ovechkin out of his or her top five for the Hart Trophy? If you're out there, e-mail us and kindly explain the decision. We're on a fact-finding mission here. Just a quick justification for why five other players are more valuable to their teams than the League leader in goals, points, power-play goals and game-winning goals. That's all we ask.

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