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AskMen.com recently posted their "Top 10 Stubborn Sports Fans" with NHL teams taking up three spots on the list, each of them from Canadian markets.

Their criteria was simple:

Sports fans have a unique sense of loyalty, especially when that loyalty is misplaced on an undeserving team. If you're a fan of one of these teams, you're stubborn.

Loyalty is important in marriages and mafia. For sports fans, it's a weakness.

Many enthusiasts are committed to their team come hell or high water, but their teams don't reciprocate. Instead, fans are left cheering for colors, mascots and memories instead of a successful on-field winning product.

While some front offices are to blame, fans who blindly cheer for their team regardless of their attempts to win a championships or not are simply stubborn.

Are there many fan bases that don't feel like they deserve to be on this list? After the jump, the top 10 most stubborn fans in sports according to AskMen.com.

10. University Notre Dame
9. Texas Rangers
8. Calgary Flames

From AskMen.com:

Hockey fans are always committed, but in Calgary, without any other major sports, the Flames are like an only child.

There have only been a couple of A's disguised among a number of C's, D's and F's over the last 20 years, but the fans still dote on their team regardless. The report card again shows a fail for 2010, but for the fifth straight year, the Saddledome was packed to 100% capacity.

Flames fans should raise their standards a little before piling into an arena to see Jarome Iginla(notes) continuously carry the team by himself.

What, you mean four coaches in five seasons and four straight first-round exits is something to get worried about?

There's also the fact that a lot of teams, like the Flames, have season-ticket waiting lists; so while the standard might be low, the demand to get in the building is continuously high.

7. Los Angeles Clippers
6. Montreal Canadiens

AskMen.com's reasoning:

Those stubborn Habs fans are stuck in the past. They're quick with a quote from a memorable season in the '70s and they'll reminisce about the good old days, but the reality is that they are nothing more than the champions of mediocrity nowadays.

As long as there is a puck, a stick and a chance, their fans will keep on showing up -- they are second in attendance in 2010 -- regardless of what the future truly holds in store.

Montreal is hockey. Always has been. Always will be. They might be the only team on this list with a championship in the last 20 years, but the city lives and dies with puck. They may have not gotten past the second round of the playoffs since they won the Stanley Cup in 1993, but they've been sold out of season tickets since 2004.

Dump your ducats for a year, find yourself at the back of the line and hope your grandkids get a shot.

5. Washington Redskins
4. New York Knicks
3. Chicago Cubs
2. Toronto Maple Leafs
1. Cleveland Browns

Why the Leafs are the highest-ranked NHL team:

It's hard to judge who has been duped more: the Toronto Maple Leaf fans or some of their recent general managers.

The Leafs are special because they are one of the few franchises in all of sports where winning doesn't matter. Win, lose or draw on the ice, it's always a win for the owners, who sell out the Air Canada Centre without fail.

In 2010, the Leafs finished second-to-last in points, but had the sixth-best attendance.

Leafs fans are more committed to their team than Whitney Houston was to Bobby Brown. Overall, they've probably taken about the same amount of abuse.

Ouch. As the first answer on the Leafs' personal seat license FAQ page, the current waiting period for tickets is around 20 years with 4,000 names on the list and with every seat now licensed, your only other options are brokers and scalpers to get inside ACC. The fans have been committed because there's no other way to see the Maple Leafs in person without selling one or two vital organs.

While three NHL teams may have made the cut as one of the final 10, listening and seeing fan experiences from around the league, it's easy to make a case for some of those that were left off the list. New York Rangers' fans haven't exactly been enamored with the on-ice product at Madison Square Garden lately, not to mention the ticket prices to get in. That's just one team in particular.

Are there any others around the NHL that might make a better case for "most stubborn" than the Flames, Canadiens or Maple Leafs?

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