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We don't speak German, but we know what we like; and we're rather fond of a dude wearing a helmet cam, and about 20 extra pounds of protective padding, getting Phanuef'd on an open ice hit and filming the entire impact. (Thanks to JT Utah for the clip.)

Principle point of contact was the chest before contact was made with the head; the Puck Daddy Dept. of Player Safety concludes there will be no further discipline for the dude in the Twins hat ...

This was a bit from neoParadise, a late night comedy series on the ZDFneo network in Germany. Our hero was Joachim Z. Winterscheidt. The player who crushed him is Florian Busch of Eisbären Berlin.

You may be saying to yourself, "Hey, that name sounds familiar as a long-time reader of this blog?" To that we'd say, you are correct: Florian Busch was the German player back in 2009 who was sharing a "private moment" with his girlfriend and missed taking a drug test. Combined with this video, he may be our German hockey crush; the Vikingstad of Berlin.

Watch the full segment here. If there are NSFW words in German, we plead ignorance, as we do about so many other aspects of life (math, stealing from salad bars, properly embedding rumors chat widgets …)

Big ups to JT Utah and our favorite French-language hockey site 25Stanley for the video.

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