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The Columbus Blue Jackets had another one for the scrapbook on New Year's Eve: Losing to the Washington Capitals at home, 4-2, after entering the third period with a two-goal lead and then giving up three goals in 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

The tying and winning goals came on a 4-on-4, where the Jackets have been outscored 8-1. This fact was available to anyone with access to NHL.com, the Jackets season stats or a calculator. This fact was something of which Scott Arniel was unaware, which proved to be embarrassing in the postgame news conference:

So, to summarize:

Professional National Hockey League Coach believes his team is quite good 4-on-4 and will "show you the stats on that" to back up that it hasn't been a problem. Media member dares mention reality, in which the Jackets are actually quite bad 4-on-4. Professional National Hockey League Coach gets huffy, says "well I guess you guys have all the answers and are just waiting to jump" and storms off because they're "piling it on."

Scott Arniel … still employed.

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