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You must check out Darren Rovell's CNBC blog for a photo of the Gillette Fusion Zamboni that hit the ice for the Boston Bruins' last three games of the year. "And the amazing thing is it really looks like the razor is shaving the ice," said Amy Latimer, senior vice president of sales, marketing and the obvious for the Bruins and the TD Banknorth Garden. Gillette told Rovell there's interest in bringing it back next year if there's a budget for it.

Like every good idea, it's been done before: Schick Quattro exhibited its smooth shave via a giant razor on the back of an ice resurfacer in Sydney. As Adoholik.com wrote: "Guerilla marketing is more about matching wits than matching budgets."

Indeed, it's not a stretch to imagine the doors to advertising products using pimped out Zamboni have swung open, never to close. The options are endless: Razors, hand-held vacuums, whitening toothpaste. Hey, could you imagine the sponsorship bonanza if there had been a giant Heinz 57 bottle strapped to the back of that Zamboni in Pittsburgh earlier this season?

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