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There's one week left in the regular season of the Zach Parise(notes)/Eric Staal Fantasy Hockey Throwdown presented by Yahoo! Sports and the NHLPA, and things aren't looking good for the two NHLers on board.

Both Team Staal and Team Parise have struggled all season with their fantasy hockey teams and will likely miss the playoffs. To try and get both teams on track, we met up with both players last month as they attempted a last ditch effort to help both of their squads by making a trade.

As you'll see, some shenanigans were almost afoot in their discussions until they learned that I was holding down first place and wouldn't stand for any sort of lopsided deal.

They didn't listen.

Poor Zach getting suckered by Staal and not having the heart to pass on a current teammate.

With the fantasy hockey playoffs right around the corner, the NHLPA will be giving the grand prize winner a customized RBK Edge NHLPA jersey and  second and third place will receive an NHLPA hat and t-shirt.

You can follow along with the final weeks of the league by checking out the Standings and Scores page here

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