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For today's "controversy that is much ado about nothing", before the opening faceoff last night in Game 4 between the Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens, the Habs had a couple of young kids waving the team flag in anticipation of their arrival out on the ice. In what has already been misconstrued as something heinous, when arriving at the Capitals' bench, Alex Ovechkin(notes) gave one of the youngsters a snow shower:

The young flag-bearers are members of the Montreal Canadiens fan club selected before each game, according to the team.

While the anti-Ovechkin crowd will see this as a classless act because it's, well, Ovechkin, you just know that that kid is somewhere in a Montreal-area elementary school right now bragging to his buddies about getting snowed on by the Washington captain. He probably has the YouTube video favorite'd.

Some might say the kid should have never been in front of the Caps' bench in the first place, but then you ruin the symmetry of the flag bearers welcoming the Habs onto the ice which was the only thing that went right for the Canadiens last night. And as Dave Stubbs of Habs Inside/Out points out, Ovechkin does this every game, whether there's a little kid there or nobody, it's part of a pre-game routine.

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