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The San Jose Sharks released a new holiday video this week with an inspired concept: Spoofing both cheesy TV commercials for song compilations and the sweaters-and-turtlenecks white bread crooning you may have seen on a Osmonds holiday special. That is, if the holiday standards were sung in the key of tone deaf.

It's the Sharks A Capella Holiday album. Consider yourselves warned.

OK, so it's not the Belfast Giants mincing down the arena concourse to Mariah Carey, but it's got its own merits. For the video deprived, we present the song list; alas, none can match the cleverness of "Did Old Lang Sign?"

"Fleas, Blah, Blah, Blah." Patrick Marleau's(notes) take on "Feliz Navidad," and the greatest mangling of lyrics in a song commercial parody since Buckwheat Sings.

"The Chippy Song (Punches Being Thrown)." Ryane Clowe(notes) will make dogs reconsider God's gift of hearing.

"Douglas Murray's (Coming To Town)." Very funny tribute to the Sharks' hulking defenseman. That said, any clip that begins with Dany Heatley(notes) saying "You better watch out" is probably enough to make GM Doug Wilson spit out his coffee.  Just ask Bryan Murray.

"Jolly Old Scott Nicholas." From Joe Thornton's(notes) bonus album "The Captain and Me," this one ends with Scott Nichol(notes) apparently believing they're under the mistletoe.

"I Saw Slappy (Kissing Randy Hahn)." Dan Boyle's(notes) Irish tenor tribute to the San Jose announcer was going so well until Jumbo's jealousy raged and he tried to reclaim Slappy, his dummy and lifemate.

"Holly Jolly Fist Fight."  Clowe ... no.

Congrats to the Sharks for yet another genius video. And if good fortune should smile upon them in 2011, we want to see this choreography in their Stanley Cup skate.

Stick-tap to Sean Coleman and the dozen or so others who passed along this clip. 

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