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Now that indoor soccer has been mastered by Dalek-like drones ("Exterminate! Exterminate! That foul deserved a red card, sir! Exterminate!"), it's only a matter of time before hockey players are replaced with more efficient robot models.

Robot Grrl has another step in the development of that technology: Creating a small, desktop-sized prototype of what we can only assume will be a Chara-sized T-800 in the near future. It's like watching Nicklas Lidstrom's efficient brain in Brendan Witt's hulking body:

This is a MANOI humanoid athlete robot that has been taught to detect the movement of the ball in front of it, and then whack the ball with its giant plastic stick.

Erin, the RobotGrrl, cautions that this is an early incarnation of the experiment, as the robot has limited movement and tends to fall over a lot. By the gods, she just invented Ken Klee!

Erin also intends to add an audio component to the robot so it can broadcast hockey songs and hockey sounds while playing. Can't wait for the Claude Lemieux Trash Talk Upgrade Pack to come out in a few years.

Seriously, though: Will we, as a society, ever get to the point where automated creations will replace players with genuine emotion and inspirational creativity?

And if so, will Jacques Lemaire still be around to coach them? (Zing!)

(H/T Make, and thanks to Puck Daddy reader Clyde for the tip.)

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