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The CBS talk show "The Talk" (creative, no?) brought together two Canadian icons on the same stage Wednesday: Wayne Gretzky and newly shorn pop sensation Justin Bieber.

The producers, understanding all the nuances of Canadian culture, had them square off in a game of air hockey, because it had "hockey" in the title and because orchestrating a full-on lumberjack competition proved logistically difficult.

Witness the long-anticipated Bieber vs. Gretzky air hockey showdown! Gretzky appears at the 1:40 mark to a "who is this old guy?" ovation that's probably akin to the kind of pop Harley Race would receive on Monday Night RAW. The game begins at the 2:10 mark. It's completely not intense.

Jeepers, Bieber hugged Gretzky more times in three minutes than Jari Kurri did in a season ...

As you can see, Gretzky (and his shy, adorable daughter) bestowed upon the Biebs a Team Canada No. 99 sweater, which is something we can all take pride in. Not in the gift, but in the fact that Gretzky or his handlers had the good sense not to put "Bieber 99" on the back; a Jersey Foul whose magnitude could have created tsunamis.

By the way, earlier in the interview Bieber said his favorite players were Gretzky and Sidney Crosby(notes). Which is going to be news to these guys.

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