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The Chicago Blackhawks celebrated their 2010 Stanley Cup triumph Friday afternoon with a parade through downtown Chicago as hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets to cheer on the team as they made their way across town.

Ticker tape was streaming. Beverages were ingested. Fans were going crazy as they cheered their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years.

The parade turned into a rally downtown where NBC and team TV analyst Eddie Olczyk, a Blackhawks alum, was the MC, introducing all of the team's staff as well as the entire roster. Even Hannu Toivonen(notes) was there.

Two of the more memorable moments of the rally included noted Blackhawks resident hip hop MC and freestyle rapper Kris Versteeg(notes) spitting some rhymes on the mic, and Game 6 hero Patrick Kane(notes) promising to keep his shirt on this summer and sending a message of love to the cab-driver populations in Chicago and Buffalo.

After the jump, video of the fun.

First, here's Versteeg with his audition tape for the next MTV reality show, "I want to rap for Diddy," by rapping LMFAO's "Yes."

We've provided the lyrics so that you can use this song next time you're at a rap karaoke:

Everytime I dive in my pool / It's hard to be humble / while I do a

breast stroke through an underground tunnel / and come up on

the other side in a jacuzzi being greeted by two girls

that are wearing my jersey / They give me lots of hugs and kisses

and they ask me what my wish is / I say go and get your friends 'cuz

there's gonna be a party / And in the end the Stanley Cup is the dream

and I'm like "Yes!"

Tupac couldn't have written it any better.

Finally, we have Kane who looked like he was either still tired from Wednesday or must have started celebrating very, very early this morning. Continuing a theme from the Game 6 interviews, he brings up the shirtless limo picture incident from January and then last August's Buffalo cab driver incident before accepting the team's championship belt from Dustin Byfuglien(notes).

UPDATE: NBC Chicago had some footage of Patrick Kane, uh, staying hydrated before the speech. 

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