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Ross Bergen, 22, writes on his YouTube page that he creates a backyard hockey rink every winter. This year, he decided to make a time-lapse film chronicling its construction, set the soundtrack to "Clocks" and posted it online.

The music, the editing, the pond hockey nostalgia ... it all adds up to a hypnotic short documentary that may or may not have made us a little emotional by the end.

There's a moment about two minutes into the clip where you're actually wondering, to paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, if there's going to be any rink in this backyard rink. A minute later you start to see the ice slowly forming, and it's just a thing of beauty by the end.

Bergen writes that it's a 50-feet-by-30-feet rink "located in Massachusetts." Both of these facts will probably disqualify it from Winter Classic consideration next year.

Just a wonderful bit of puckhead obsession. Oh, and kudos on the Coldplay, no matter how many "40-Year-Old Virgin" jokes it's bound to inspire. Because as much as we love the ditty, this video probably doesn't work as well with Stompin' Tom Connors doing "The Hockey Song."

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