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InsideTailgating.com apparently exists, and it sent a nice lady with a microphone in one hand and a Miller Lite tallboy in the other to interview Carolina Hurricanes fans at a home game of unknown origin. Oh, sorry: Make that a Raleigh Hurricanes game, as our hostess fouls up the name in the introduction.

The following video is a scholarly exploration of this thesis: "What the heck is Redneck hockey?" It begins with some convoluted story about a mop bucket and ends with our heroine asking an African-American gentleman built like a Zamboni whether he considered himself a redneck. Good times.

There are actually two additional videos from the Carolina tailgate. There's a tedious exploration of tailgating stories that includes a dozen "none that I can say on camera yuk yuk yuk!" moments, and one guy who claims a chicken once emerged from the woods, "hung out" and then was killed on a hot grill. There's also one (currently disabled by YouTube) on Hurricanes "fan traditions," such as caring more about ECU football, drinking Boone's Farm from a plastic cup and placing Chara-sized Stanley Cup replicas in pick-up trucks.

Truth be told, this isn't a very representative sample by our tailgating videography friends. We've heard the parties before Carolina games are a really good time. And unlike in the videos, there may actually be Carolina natives in the parking lot rather than incognito Sabres fans and Canadians.

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