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The Lonely Island's "We Like Sports" is an intentionally terrible song about two geeks awkwardly professing their love of sports fandom.

It also serves as the source material for "We Like Sharks," an ear-gouging bit of auditory pain from Aditya Sriwasth and Kraig Martin that celebrates the San Jose Sharks and Patrick Marleau(notes) jerseys*:

Why is the 'C' on that black Marleau jersey is the size of Kyle Wellwood(notes)? And are the Los Angeles Kings even mentioned in this song; and if not, will the snub fuel them in Game 6 tonight (bulletin board material!)?

While we're obviously impressed with the song craft, the props and any tune that name-checks Joe Pavelski(notes), we still have to give the nod for 2011 Sharks playoff anthem to Rowe and McDevitt's "Black and Teal" for obvious and completely superficial reasons.

(*While this is the worst San Jose Sharks rap song we've ever heard, we tap our sticks to its earnest 'hey kids, let's put on a music video' virtues. If we ever held a Puck Daddy Dance Party in San Jose, these guys are playing it.)

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