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Why didn't any of you tell us there was fighting in Women's Olympic Hockey exhibition games? Because based on this brawl between the U.S. and Canadian women after Canada's 3-1 win in Victoria last night, there totally is ... or at least what passes for fighting in women's hockey. It lasts about the first minute of the clip:

The Province, which hipped us to the video, had the details:

Most of the footage is actually of the pumped-up crowd cheering after the last-second mayhem, but it does capture a fairly raucous affair in the opening moments. Watch closely around the 10-second mark for a particularly nasty cross-check from behind by Canadian star Hayley Wickenheiser.

The video carries on with a decidedly more polite hand-shaking ritual at mid-ice. But there's always a next time... The teams meet five more times in this series of tune-ups for the 2010 Winter Games.

In other words, plenty of time for escalation!

The Victoria News has further details on what sounded like a fairly brutal game in which the referees allowed everything but brass knuckles and sledgehammers; culminating in an "intense scrum" that "included a series of wrestling matches, much the same as an NHL fighting major."

Yep, just like it.

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