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It would appear the Boston Bruins and their mischievous bear have some competition for the most ingenious NHL commercials. The Chicago Blackhawks released this ad hyping their game against the Minnesota Wild, and it's a brilliant (and timely!) play on the Maurice Sendak kid-lit classic "Where the Wild Things Are."

Watch Hawks winger Dustin Byfuglien(notes) stare into their yellow eyes without blinking once ...

Best one-off commercial for a regular season game ... ever?

Obviously, the commercial is a parody of those for Spike Jonez's current film adaptation of "Where The Wild Things Are," from the scribble-letter titles to The Arcade Fire in the background. If only the Blackhawks had sprung for an adult wolf costume for Byfuglien to dance around in.

Under president John McDonough's marketing eye, the Blackhawks have consistently produced buzz-worthy clips on the air and online.

Please recall Adam Burish(notes) disrespecting the Detroit Red Wings' octopus tradition in a bratty spot last season.

Before that came the goofy comedic stylings of Frodo and Samwise that ended up going viral on YouTube.

Can't wait to see what they cook up next, because this one was awesome -- right down to the resemblance between The Minnesota Wild Thing and the Minnesota wild thing (a.k.a. Derek Boogaard(notes)).

Thanks to Puck Buddies Matt and Terry for the pointer.

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