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(Ed. Note: Another August week in the books. Check out the weekend for some interesting media news that affects hockey. Leahy's back from his tropical jaunt, Irish skin no doubt resembling the crowd as a Flames' playoff game. Next week features some interesting names in our "5 Reasons I Love Hockey" segment; any interest from the readers in making that a weekly feature, by the way?)

When you come across a YouTube clip in which the uploader had the audacity of hype to call it "the most amazing hockey goal celebration ever," it better deliver the goods.

After about a minute, we had our concerns. Then we saw what young Mr. McGeary of the Quakertown hockey club did to celebrate the game-tying goal for his team, right after it had one wiped off the board due to a deflection by a high stick. Hope the goalie hadn't been eating a Snickers bar between periods:

Yeah, unsportsmanlike blah blah blah ... did you see the way he casually tossed the thing back on the net, the bottle bouncing off and falling to the feet of his teammates? Pimp. The Sweet Taste of Victory celebration isn't an isolated incident, as is evident by the following clip:

Not sure what the greater indignity is: Looking like Peter Budaj(notes) after giving up a softy or having the whole thing set to Creed?

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