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Earlier this year, an irate fan at a Russian junior tournament toppled over the glass and joined a hockey fight. This recent clip is a lot less intense and a lot more … chilly?

We've seen people enter the rink before. We've seen fans try to engage players physically before. We've not seen anyone do any of this while wearing shorts and black socks, which really don't add much ferocity to the foppish lefty punches he was throwing.

The relative calm in this scene, and the love-tap given to him by a member of the gray team, would seem to indicate this was not a random spectator. Ejected or suspended player, maybe? Just doesn't seem like some dude who was feeling good about life and decided to invade a hockey game ... like The Guy Who Invaded a Steelheads Game and Landed on His Head, for example:

If anyone wants to lend any context about the guy in the shorts video, hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

Sigh … where is Rob Ray when you need him?

UPDATE: Reader Eric C. said he was at the rink when the Shorts Fight happened, and wrote in with what he says is the lowdown:

"The member of the gray team that love-tapped the kid in the shorts is a girl playing in a coed four-on-four bantam summer league in Brampton, Ontario — not the most intense kind of hockey we thought. Before the action in the video, she knocked down a male defenseman on the other team while getting around him on an offensive break who then gets up and blindsides her with a cross-check to the face — just disgustingly brutal.

"We were already blown away by the [expletive] who hit her (obviously you NEVER do anything like that to a girl no matter what), when the kid, maybe 15-16, jumps on the ice and goes after him. Don't know the relation, we were thinking possibly a brother but he might be an ejected player like you said."

So there you go. Man, all of a sudden Shorts Guy is like a Knight in Black Socks after that tale.

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