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Why does a movie studio hire Will Smith for a summer event movie? Because he's the total package: Solid performer, brings in the money and he'll even sing (OK, rap) the theme song.

Why did the Florida Panthers trade for Kris Versteeg(notes)? Same reasons. Here's Ver-beauty making his Panthers singing debut at the Ford Faceoff Gala on Tuesday night, raising funds for the Florida Panthers Foundation's fight against Pediatric Cancer by auctioning off his vocal stylings on "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. (Song kicks in around 2 minutes in.)

Yes, that was Panthers General Manager Dale Tallon putting his unmatched overspending abilities to good use to bump up the price.

To those who claim that Versteeg butchered the song, we'd remind you it's an Enrique Iglesias song and hence is pre-butchered like packaged meat at the supermarket. So no worries there.

After dropping rhymes on Fergie's "Glamorous" in the locker room and LMFO's "Yes" at the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup parade, this Versteeg performance clearly signals his Kanye-like transformation from a rapper to a smooth crooner.

Either that or the Panthers marketing department is using Versteeg as a viral marketing tool to reach out to the Latino fans in South Florida and/or terrible Karaoke singers. One of the two.

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